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Tuesday – North Walworth Road & South Shore Drive area

Thursday – All other Town of Walworth Residents

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Nieuwenhuis-Bros. Inc. Recycling Materials & Preparation

Nieuwenhuis Bros. Disposal Services

Procedures: Re-zone, Plat Approval, CSM, Conditional Use

Procedures for: Rezones, Variances CSMs, CUPs

Please contact Clerk-Treasurer Marie Baker for more information.


Fee Schedule 2017FEEAdditional Costs
Re-zones/Variances/Conditional Use Permits$250.00 Each * (Plus current sign deposit)
Certified Surveys $250.00 Each
Amendments $125.00 Each
Special Meeting not called by Board$125.00 Each
Misc. Plan Commission matters$125.00 Each
Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment Fee$750.00 EachPlus Current County Fee and Publication Fees
Retail Cigarette License$100.00 Each
Alcohol License Fees:
Provisional Operator’s License$ 15.00 Each **** (Plus $7.00 background check fee)
Operator’s License$ 30.00 Annual **** (Plus $7.00 background check fee)
Special Event (Temporary Operators)$5.00 Each Event ** ** (Plus $7.00 background check fee)
Retail Class “A” liquor$500.00 Annual
Retail Class “A” malt beverage $100.00 Annual
Retail Class “B” liquor$500.00 Annual
Retail Class “B” malt beverage$100.00 Annual
Retail Class “C” wine$100.00 Annual
(Plus $15.00 Publication Cost)
Dog License:
Altered$13.00 Annual
Unaltered$30.00 Annual
$40.00 Annual
Special Certificate Assessments$25.00 Each
NSF checks$25.00 Each
Copies$.25 Each